Project Info

While Tunisia managed to have its own international recognized accreditation body, Palestine is still in its early stages to reach its own international recognition, which is a time consuming and costly exercise.
Thus, the project aims to enhance the trade capacities of Palestine (regionally and globally) through establishing a twinning arrangement between Tunisia and Palestine. Under this arrangement, the Tunisian Accreditation Body will support Palestine in building its national accreditation system as well as providing internationally recognized accreditation services to its testing Laboratories.

Expected Results:

  • 15 internationally accredited evaluators in Palestine
  • 1 Twinning agreement signed
  • 2 testing laboratories gain international accreditation
  • 2 Bankable projects developed

Expected Results:

  • Palestine is able to overcome a technical barrier to its trade (regionally and globally) through achieving an internationally recognized accreditation system.

List of deliverables:

The key expected deliverable is a functional, recognized national accreditation system in Palestine capable to provide internationally – recognized accreditation services for Palestinian testing laboratories under the umbrella of the Tunisian Accreditation system.

  • Deliverable 1 : Internationally accredited evaluators in Palestine
  • Deliverable 2: A signed twinning agreement
  • Deliverable 3: Internationally accredited testing laboratories
  • Deliverable 4: Bankable projects for scaling up the support