Project Info

Since signing a cooperative framework agreement of joining six states, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has made a number of initiatives towards the establishment and development of regional quality institutions to achieve coordination, integration and interconnection among the members. However, the level of impact that these services provide or the number of companies and stakeholders that benefit from these services is far behind.

This intervention aims at supporting GCC SMEs in benefiting from the quality infrastructure services available both at regional & national levels and hence increasing their competitiveness in a globalized market. The project plans also to support the GCC countries in training a number of professionals and raising their awareness on quality infrastructure services.

Expected Results:

  • 5 SMEs diagnostics performed
  • 30 SMEs trained
  • 6 SMEs receives technical support

Expected Impact:

  • Gulf SMEs have better access to QI services which enhance their competitiveness.

List of deliverables:

The key expected deliverable is upgraded SMEs and human capacities to fully participate and benefit from the national and regional quality infrastructure services.

  • Deliverable 1: SMEs diagnostics against quality compliance
  • Deliverable 2: SMEs trained on quality infrastructure services
  • Deliverable 3: Technical support provision to SMEs

Countries Involved