Project Info

UNDP assisted the Economic Sector, League of Arab States (LAS) in strengthening institutional arrangements, introduction of result-based work plans and design of Operational Procedures for the Arab Economic Integration Department of LAS. Numerous policy papers on trade policy reform towards closer regional economic cooperation and requirements of Arab Customs Union (ACU) were prepared and endorsed by the senior management, including the Outlines of establishment of ACU. Several activities of capacity building were carried out for officials of LAS and representatives/trade negotiators of Arab countries.

Overall Result:

Major focus consists of design and establishment of adequate institutional arrangements within the Economic Sector in the pursuit of better efficiency and professional services. Proposals of restructuring and a Draft Manual of Operational Procedures were prepared and adopted in principle by the Arab Economic Integration Department (AEID) of LAS. Outlines of establishment of Arab Customs Union were also endorsed with focus on having proper institutions to undertake preparatory work and design of the ACU. Trainings on trade facilitation, trade in services, economic cooperation, for more than 80 officials of the LAS and Arab countries, were delivered to support trade policy reform.

Countries Involved

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