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Output 3 of the 2014 Fast Track Work Plan targets promotion of skills development to expand opportunities for the creation of decent employment in priority export sectors. It aims to enhance the skills of workers in selected export sectors in Egypt through the application of the ILO’s STED tool. It aims to build stronger links between skills development and trade development, and therefore to help matching the needs of the industry and the skills of job seekers in sectors that have potential to increase exports and to contribute to economic diversification.

Overall Result:

  • A total of 26 national and sectoral stakeholders from Egypt were trained during a two-day STED training workshop. The objective of the training workshop was to enhance the knowledge and capacity of national and sectoral stakeholders to analyse skill needs in export-oriented sectors, and to design effective skills response strategies that will contribute to higher and more diversified exports with more and better employment.
  • A “Regional Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Trade and Skills” in October 2014 in Cairo strengthened awareness of the “trade, jobs, and skills” nexus among regional stakeholders. It highlighted the role of skills development in translating trade openness into more and better jobs. It brought together representatives of ten Arab Countries to exchange knowledge and experience on how skill gaps constrain trade growth, and to share experience on how to overcome such constraints through skills development.
  • Skills strategies and STED reports were developed and validated for the Food Processing and Furniture Sectors in Egypt. The skills strategies outlined priority actions on skills development to build the productive capacity and competiveness of the two sectors.

Expected Results:

Developed and delivered STED Training. Organized Knowledge Sharing Workshop. Skills strategy developed and STED report validated in Egypt for two selected export sectors.

Expected Impact:

Enhance the employment effects of trade and trade-related policies by ensuring the alignment of human resource related policies with policy changes in the area of trade.

List of deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: STED Training module developed and delivered in Egypt
  • Deliverable 2: Regional Knowledge Sharing Event on the trade and skills development successfully organized
  • Deliverable 3: Skills strategies developed and STED reports validated in Egypt for two export sectors

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