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Overall, informal traders, especially women, suffer from invisibility, stigmatization, violence, harassment ‐ including sexual harassment ‐ undue taxation, poor working conditions, inadequate communications, transport and funding (with little or non‐ existent access to credit as banks are inaccessible to operators who lack collateral or licenses) and a lack of recognition of their economic contribution. These challenges require adoption of holistic approach in terms of protection of woman rights, generation of decent jobs, to equitable participation to these newly generated economic, trade activities and opportunities resulting from improvement of trade policy and enhanced economic integration.
In order to enhance the role of women in the policy making process and to empower them in taking advantage of initiatives of Arab economic integration, UNDP plans to carry out a number of activities in promotion of equal opportunities and their entrepreneurship in close collaboration with General Secretariat of Arab Mahgreb Union as well as target Arab countries.

Expected Results:

  • Strengthened skills and abilities of key national partners to mainstream gender equality priorities into cross border trade policies in the AMU sub region.

Expected impacts:

  • Enhanced woman entrepreneurship and woman participation to the policy making process for Arab economic integration.

List of deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: Finalized the desk research and conducted consultations with the AMU General Secretariat.
  • Deliverable 2: Designed the job description and initiated the recruitment of a gender expert to focus on the role of women in cross border operations.
  • Deliverable 3: Identification of the technical approach for the implementation of activities related to woman entrepreneurship and woman participation to the policy making process.

Implementation Agencies