Project Info

The proposed project has two components: i) Setting up and operation of a Technical Support Team (TST) to the WTO Arab Group Geneva; ii) and to prepare a bankable project and secure potential sources of funding to expand, strengthen and sustain the Technical Support Team to continue supporting the WTO Arab Group.The expected overall impact of the project is: Greater trade integration of Arab countries within the region and with the world through more effective participation in the multilateral trade negotiations and implementation of the WTO Agreements.The expected outcome is: Effectiveness of the Arab Group participation in WTO negotiations enhanced and better coordinated at regional level.

Two outputs will be delivered by the project:

Output 1: Technical Support Team put in place and operational to provide support to the Geneva Arab Group in preparation for and to contribute to the Nairobi Ministerial Conference (2015).

Output 2: One Project document submitted, approved and validated for funding by the Arab countries represented in Geneva


Countries Involved

Implementation Agencies