Project Info

The project will implement the first phase of capacity development and institutional support to Nouadhibou Free Zone Authority (NFZA) through a technical cooperation program with Aqabah Special Economic Zone as a benchmark model for NFZA. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the efforts of the GoM in creating an attractive and conducive investment and business environment in NFZ by improving the performance of NFZ Authority to steer the emergence phase of the zone. This will be done by transferring the expertise, know-how and successful model of ASEZA to NFZA to improve its financial, human resources and IT management systems.
AFTIAS funding will cover the fees and travel expenses for the training courses to be delivered by ASEZA centre of Excellence for NFZA staff and the study visits to be carried out at Aqabah Special Economic Zone functional units.

Overall Result:

  • Formulate the organization design to enable NFZ to exercise all the powers and responsibilities actually supposed to be transferred from competent ministries.
  • Design an organizational structure that facilitates the work of the NFZ towards achieving its vision and strategic objectives and shows
  • Ensure The presence of functional structures for all major administrative units which include the jobs required to implement its function
  • Ensure the employee’s performance will be appraised yearly according to clear methodology
  • Develop a complete financial and accounting policies & procedures manual covering all financial, procurement, payroll and warehousing activities is implemented and Finance staff are trained on it.
  • Develop a complete strategy to enhance revenue and reduce costs is completed and staff are trained on on financial planning and optimization.
  • Upgrade IT skills of end users and IT team to interact with the planned technology upgrade.

Expected Results:

Enhance the organizational, human and operational capacity of the corporate support units of the NFZA (HR, Finance and IT)

Expected Impact:

Enable NFZA to adopt international practices in organization design, Human resources management, Financial planning and management through a twining program the leading model of Aqabah Special Economic Zone.

List of deliverables :

  • Deliverable 1: Human Resource Training & Development
  • Deliverable 2: Upgrading required IT skills for core IT team
  • Deliverable 3: Upgrading the One Stop Shop Solution (capacity building only)
  • Deliverable 1: Financial and Accounting Training
  • Deliverable 1: Revenue Enhancement Training

Countries Involved

Implementation Agencies