Project Info

UNCTAD assisted Comoros and Sudan in preparatory works for negotiations of their WTO Membership. That includes among others drafting and review of required accession documents in particular the Memorandum on Foreign Trade Regime (MFTR), replies to questions raised by WTO Members in the context of Comoros MFTR examination.

Overall Result:

UNCTAD provided technical assistance and capacity building to support the accession of Comoros and Sudan in their WTO membership. The MFTR of Comoros was reviewed and completed. Up 160 replies to questions by the WTO Working Party Members prepared. An advisory and fact finding mission to identify Sudan’s Technical assistance needs was conducted. A national workshop on accession issues was organised with the involvement of all Sudanese stake holders. A detailed work program on future assistance activities to be carried out by UNCTAD was adopted. But was not implemented due shortage of funds under AFTIAS in 2015.

Expected Results:

WTO Memorandum on Foreign Trade Regime finalized and accession docs prepared

Expected Impact:

Effective support to Comoros and Sudan to adopt WTO consistent trade policy and to meet WTO accession requirements.

List of deliverables :

Deliverable 1:
  • Comoros: MFTR of finalised and submitted to WTO Secretariat.
  • Sudan Advisory and technical mission to Khartoum, conducted by UNCTAD on 20 Jan.2015. Road map on the update of MFTR and other related accession documents agreed during a consultative meeting in presence of the Minister of trade and Members of the Secretariat of the National Committee on Sudan’s WTO accession
Deliverable 2:
  • Comoros: 160 replies to Questions from WTO Members prepared and reviewed. A validation 2 day national workshop was organised 16-17 Dec. 2014.
  • Sudan: A detailed work programme indicating activities and documents to be prepared including WTO consistent legislative action plan was discussed and agreed during a national workshop organised by UNCTAD in Khartoum (21-22 Jan.2015)
Deliverable 3:
  • Comoros: A revised note on WTO accession process of Comoros in the context of the review of country’s Diagnostic Trade Information Study (DTIS), including a road map and detailed work programme for the next phases of the accession process was prepared and delivered to the Ministry of trad
  • Sudan: Recommendations on the update of WTO accession docs were discussed and formulated at the closing of the above mentioned national workshop. Work programme was submitted to UNCTAD and to the Chair of the AFTIAS to seek funding for the implementation of activities in 2015. Up to date no action was taken by AFTIAS board on this matter.
  • An analytical and strategic paper on the accession of Comoros and Sudan as LDCs under the WTO General Council decision of Jul.2012 on revised guidelines related to the LDCs accession was prepared and delivered with specific policy and operational recommendations to both countries

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