Project Info

The proposed project aims to ensure more transparency and harmonization of NTMs, through deepening the analysis and expanding the knowledge about existing NTSs and enhancing the dissemination of information and awareness; eliminate or minimize the effects of NTBs, based on the studies and consultations with the parties concerned.
Overall, the project is expected to sustainably increase trade flows within the Arab region, thanks to an improved business environment and to reduce trade-related obstacles.

Project Outcome:
Business environment improved for increased trade among Arab countries, thanks to greater transparency and harmonized rules, regulations and procedures across the Arab Region.

Project Outputs:
– Output 1: 3 NTM surveys for Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Jordan;
– Output 2: Dissemination of information and awareness building about NTMs;
– Output 3: Removal of selected priority NTBs

Countries Involved

Implementation Agencies