Geared for ACTION: Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) across Arab States are working together for regional trade impact


One of the projects under the Aid for Trade Initiative for the Arab States (AfTIAS) Program framework aims at strengthening the capacity of TPOs in the Arab region both on the individual basis, and as a group by establishing a regional TPOs network. The regional cooperation platforms existing in many parts of the world (such as European Trade Promotion Organizations, Asian Trade Promotion Forum etc.) proved to be an effective tool for strengthening business partnerships and facilitating exchange of innovative solutions and good practices among the involved organizations.

The World TPO Network Conference – 2016 hosted by Maroc-Export presented a unique momentum to embark on the process of setting-up the Arab TIPO network.

Trade and Investment Promotion Organisations (TIPOs) of 8 Arab countries convene in Marrakesh to lay the foundation of a regional network of TIPOs. The regional cooperation platform with the working title ACTION (Arab Countries Trade and Investment Organisations Network) can open up new vistas for boosting business linkages among Arab countries and intra-regional trade.

The regional workshop for TPOs from Arab countries “Initiating an effective network” was delivered today in Marrakesh. The creation of such network in Arab region will enable members to establish linkages to facilitate information exchange build strategic alliances and deliver value-added regional trade support services.