Arabs plan to introduce their own language in global trade


Arab countries Atzm officially enter its language with the three languages supported to the World Trade Organization after English, French and Spanish, according to a statement by the Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah.

Said Rabiah during the opening of trade ministers of the Arab countries to the World Trade Organization meeting in the presence of Secretary-General of the WTO, Roberto Azevedo in Riyadh yesterday, he said that trade ministers Arabs are seeking to complete the entry of the remaining Arab countries are currently seven guestrooms, as well as membership of the Arab countries as an observer in the World Trade Organization.
Preparatory conference

He explained Rabiah through the trade ministers meeting of Arab primer to prepare for the Ministerial Conference on the tenth of the WTO to be held in Nairobi in Kenya during December, that the meeting aims to reaffirm the positions of the Arab Group of the common issues to the World Trade Organization negotiations, pointing out that the current negotiations require of all Member States to intensify their efforts and work in the spirit of the search for solutions and solve the problems.

He stressed Rabiah support of the Arab Group to work in a creative way lead to concrete and positive results and lead to the success of the tenth ministerial conference, to be delivering a message to the world that “that led members of the World Trade Organization is able to achieve tangible results and meaningful” meet the aspirations of everyone within its basic principles.

Development of systems

With regard to Saudi Arabia, Dr. Al-Rabiah said that since its accession to the organization ten years ago, prepared early on to adapt the regulatory and legal status of all state organs concerned before the accession process for a long duration, with the introduction of new regulations systems were developed other systems, and adopted the kingdom besides economic policy It made them ready to fully adapt to the multilateral trading system and of the wider doors.

He said Dr. Al-Rabiah principle of transparency, one of the important principles of the World Trade Organization has been conducting a review of trade policies of the Kingdom for the first time in January 2012. The second will be a review of trade policies of the Kingdom in April 2016.

Arab entry

Egypt and stuck to the position of the Arab states himself to enter the Arabic language, as Minister of Trade and Industry of Egypt Tarek Kabil stressed the need for language input, referring to the continuation of his country’s position and to strive to achieve the constants of the Arab position, sticking to its position in support of the request of the League of Arab States for observer status in the Ministerial Conferences and the General Council and the bodies of the Organization, and the adoption of Arabic as an official working in the World trade Organization, this as well as Egypt’s support to join the rest of the Arab states of the Organization’s position, and the importance of establishing rules to improve transparency and clear criteria concerning the accession of developing countries, including Arab states to the organization as the accession process may spanning more than two decades in some cases.

Structured documents

For his part, he was appointed Director General of the World Trade Organization Azevedo, three specialists to listen to the views of representatives of Arab countries members of the organization about the restructuring documents, content, and issues addressed by the negotiation process, to get out on the reports after receiving them from the specialists to be a decision by agreement between the Organization and Member States.

The WTO meeting an important turning point for the director Azevedo, where “the organization said, now turning point is important in all aspects of its work and await the outcome of the Nairobi meeting as it does not yet know what could be reached, and therefore can not talk about it, and the General Agreement is to make every effort and lack of closure even if little Fsnttalaa beyond Nairobi and beyond the meetings change did not happen. ”

The organization is currently in accordance with “Azevedo” to develop laws and regulations of the organization for e-commerce in terms of conduction-mail, noting that online ordering and delivery directly organized and is subject to the laws of the organization.

Azevedo is classified according to the organization, Saudi Arabia is a developing country in the WTO, and enjoy with a group of countries, especially the facilities and which is characterized by each country according to their own flexibility to the Convention and the laws that included them when signed.

The draft final statement

• emphasis on support for continued development of the multilateral trading system parties

• commitment to active participation in the Tenth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization

• emphasis on the fundamental commitment to the Doha Declaration, “the Fourth Ministerial Conference in 2001”

• inviting members of the organization to show political will and leadership to make progress in the Doha Round negotiations

• emphasize the importance of addressing outstanding on the Doha Development Agenda items included in the future work program


• The importance of the provisions of special and differential treatment in the WTO agreements

• The importance of food security and net food-importing countries and least developed countries

• Support for Palestine for observer status on the boards and bodies and committees of the World Trade Organization

• emphasize the request of the League of Arab States for observer status on the boards and bodies and committees of the World Trade Organization

• the need to allow each governmental international organizations wishing to participate on an equal footing and without exception as observers

• Supporting the request of the Arab states that the Arabic language to become one of the official working languages

• Urge Member States of the World Trade Organization to facilitate and accelerate the accession of least-developed and developing countries procedures

• growing importance of providing technical and financial assistance to developing and less developed countries and capacity-building

• emphasize the need for continued support assistance project for Trade Initiative “AfTIAS”

• the importance of continuing consultations between the delegations of the Arab Group in Geneva during the remaining period